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    Saving causes hang-up


      I am using Windows XP with Adobe Reader 10.1.1 and Firefox 8.0 browser.  Since the last Adobe reader upgrade (when the Adobe control buttons moved to the bottom of the document) I have had intermittent difficulty in saving pdf documents that are accessed from the Internet via my Firefox browser.


      Specifically, when I click the adobe reader "save" icon, it brings up a "Save As" box showing my various folders; I then then indicate where I want to save the document and what the document title is. When I then click on the "Save" button on the "Save As" box, the files displayed in the "Save as" box disappear, but the box itself doesn't disappear, and the system hangs-up indefinitely until I close out Adobe and Firefox.


      This hang-up does not occur all the time, but it seems to occur particularly frequently if I page through the pdf document before trying to save it. Often, when I encounter this problem and have to close out Adobe and Firefox, I can then go back to the same web site pdf document and download it successfully without a hang-up, provided I either save it directly from a google link (save link as or save target as), or sometimes if I save it after downloading but without paging through the document. I never had this problem with previous versions of Adobe reader.


      Can anyone advise me as to what I am doing wrong here? Thanks.