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    how to have a hot spot open a small separate window


      Hi everybody.

                          I'm trying to make a new website.  My old one (burrjohnson.com) is in bad need for an upgrade.  In my new website that I'm currently working on, I have a page that has a picture in the main div section. The picture is an image that shows 9 guitars.  I have made each guitar in the image into a hot spot.  I've created a seperate html page for each hotspot to go to that has a description of each guitar.  I want people to be able to click on each guitar in the image and have a window pop up (seperate smaller page) that has the description for that particular guitar.  With my old website, on the "gigs" page (the page where people could see where my band is playing) if you clicked on the images I placed on that page, (like a pictire of the club for that gig) it opened a seperate window containing the clubs website.  I accomplished this by putting the clubs website address in the "link" portion of the properties inspector for the image in question. It opened a seperate window because in the "link" window, the address for the clubs website was preceded by "javascript:openNewLgWindow".  so, for example, in the gigs page, at the top, there is an image under the info for our gig we did in Putnam Valley on november 5th.  It is a Putnam Valley picture, and if you click on it, it opens a seperate window with their website.  In the properties inspector for that image, the "link" window has the following in it: 




      This opens a seperate window with their address in it. 


      Now, with the new website page,  I want to have each hot spot surrounding each guitar open its respective info page, but putting the javascript part in front of the name of page does not work.   if I take out the javascript part, the hot spot will take you to the info page but it doesn't open a seperate window. 


      Idealy what I hope I can do is just have a small window open when you click on the hot spot (because the content in the info pages are only about 4 inches by 4 inches


      How can I do this??


      Thank you in advance