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    Using a swf generated by Flex from a Flash component

    tata6688 Level 1
      I know you can include and control a swf generated by Flash within a Flex component. But can you do the inverse? Can you use a swf generated by Flex within a Flash project/component?

      We plan to develop a "core" module that would be used in a lot of other Flash and Flex components we'll develop in the future. This core would be a package of classes that could be easily re-used by the components. There would be nothing visual in it, only standard classes.

      Even if this core would not contain any visual components, we would like to develop it using Flex since we prefere Flex Builder to the Flash editor to code and debug.

      But I'm not sure if:

      1) A core module like this, developped in Flex, could be used by our Flash components or only by other Flex components?

      2) If we use Flex to generated this core, will the resulting .swf be bigger than if we would have used Flash to develop it? Since there will be no Flex visual components in it, maybe it will be as small? Is there a compiler parameter to tell Flex to only include the minimum things possible in the generated .swf?

      Any help or link about this would be really appreciated!

      Thanks you in advance!

      P.S. I apologize to those aware that this message was also posted on another Flex related forum, but I received no reply on it!