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    Adding Start and Stop characters to a text field.




      For 1D bar codes, there are two options depending on the type of PDF form you want to use. Forms that you create in Acrobat (acroforms) can be set up to use a bar code font with a standard text field. If you want to include the standard start and stop character (*) and/or a check character, you can use JavaScript to add them. The check character would have to be calculated, but that can be easily done with JavaScript.


      How would i go about doing this. My current PDF form will pull a last name and first name onto the form in a Barcode format, but i need to add in *LNM to the start and another * at the end of the data that was pulled from a SQL data base.  example the pdf has a Text Feild named "borrower1_last_name" and that filed pulls the last name..  So i was thinking there should be an easy script like you said to add in to that feild properties.