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    Impressario and D11.5


      Been having some issues with Impressario and can't get anyone over at INM to answer an email, so I figured I would see if someone here could lend a hand.


      I've purchased the full license of Impressario 4 and installed everything according to their specs. Everything seems to work fine until it comes to publishing a projector.

      When publishing a mac projector, everything runs perfectly with Impressario. When publishing a windows projector, I am told that the project does not have a full license of INM Impressario, and therefore will not allow any me to view anything Impressario related on that projector.


      I've installed and unistalled multiple times to make sure I havn't missed anything and also played around with embedded and unembedded xtras. It just doesn't make sense as to why the mac projector would work but not the windows.


      I should add that I am updating an old director project that I was not the initial creator of and have read that at times, it has been as simple as simply opening up each Impressario member and hitting "ok" to update them with the new license informations. Of course, I have done this, but it seems to be a moot point as one projector works properly and the other does not.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.