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    Unable to upgrade Camera Raw with CS4 in Lion...

    srincambridge Level 1

      Hi All,


      very frustrating; I have been unable to upgrade Camera Raw despite several attempts.

      I've downloaded the latest version as an upgrade; I've done Software upgrades through PhotoShop, but for some

      reason these do not seem to have taken, ie., the version of ACR in Bridge preferences remains 5.0.


      This makes it impossible for the computer (a brand new MacBook Pro) to read or convert to DNG raw files

      from a Nikon D300S.


      Oddly, ACR 5.0 converts raw files from a D700 just fine.


      Also puzzling is that my attempt to upgrade to ACR 5.7 in a 5 month old iMac have been smooth as silk (OS 10.6.7)




      Stu Rosner

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not quite sure what you are saying when you indicate that you have "downloaded the latest version." If you mean you have downloaded Camera Raw 6.5, you cannot use that with Photoshop CS4. Camera Raw 6.x is only compatible with Photoshop CS5 and the latest version of Photoshop Elements. The last version of Camera Raw that will work with Photoshop CS4 is version 5.7.

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            srincambridge Level 1

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for your reply; yes, I am savvy enough to know that 6.5 is for CS5.


            I have downloaded 5.7 both as a discreet download from Adobe's website, where the launching the dmg icon

            performs the installation, at least according to the 'progress' box that appears.


            I have also down a 'check for downloads' through photoshop (cs4) where several new components seem to get downloaded.


            Following each of these downloads I shut down and restart the programsBridge and Photoshop and I've also re-started the machine

            (brand spanking new MacBook Pro with Lion as the OS).


            Yet after rebooting, both machine and program, checking Camera Raw preferences indicates ACR 5.0


            Since I recently (June) bought a new iMac (both of my computers were aging badly) and was able to load 5.7 on the iMac

            (running OSX 10.6.) I'm thinking this is a Lion OS issue, but I really welcome your expertise/advice.


            Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.



            All Best;



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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              You should prolly go into your root Library (not the user Library) and check what version of Camera Raw is installed (and that only one plug-in is installed). Go to Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS4/File Formats and make sure only one plug-in is there. If you click on the plug-in and get info (command i) you'll be able to see what version is there.


              Since you have already installed ACR 5.7 on your iMac, you could copy that plug-in over to your MacBook. Manual installation isn't ideal and since you've been unable to use the auto update and installer, it may mean something is wrong with your Photoshop installation. You may need to do an un-install (using the uninstaller) and a re-install.

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                srincambridge Level 1

                Jeff Schewe,


                You are TOTALLY the man!


                The plug in (5.7) for some reason did not go where it was supposed to go, which is exactly where you directed me.


                In one of those odd computer things, the plug in that was there was 5.0, while the 5.7plug in was sitting on the dmg icon that was still mounted on my desktop.


                Hey, I'm just a simple photographer!, and this was a totally effective fix.


                Thank you for taking a moment, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


                Is your opinion that CS 5/Lightroom 3 are worth the upgrades???


                All Best;



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                  Jeff Schewe Level 5

                  ansel adam wrote:


                  Is your opinion that CS 5/Lightroom 3 are worth the upgrades???


                  Absolutely...the improvements in image quality alone make that case.

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                    srincambridge Level 1

                    How so?? I know that Lightroom has noise reduction features that have been widely praised

                    and hopefully an improvement over Noise Ninja for dealing with disappointing M8 Leica files shot above 640...

                    but what improvements in image quality in CS5?


                    In truth I have never used even a quarter of all PS capabilities since starting with it years and years (and years!) ago.

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                      mgmander Level 1

                      At one point, I was one of the most vocal critics of camera raw in the CS4 / Lightroom v2 days. In short, I felt that there was not enough control over noise reduction and fine detail rendition when processing digital camera raw files, especially at higher ISOs, although I had been quite pleased with earlier versions. That all changed when CS5 / LR v3 was released. You now have an enormous amount of control over exactly how much sharpening and how much noise reduction will be applied to an image. The amount of fine detail one can extract from a low-ISO raw file is extraordinary. When you crank up the ISO and an image gets noisy, you now can choose whether or not you prefer a smoother look at the expense of some of the more subtle texture details, or a slightly grainier look where one has a feeling that no significant fine details are lost from the original capture (what I prefer). The raw processing defaults in Adobe's latest software are good starting points, but for my personal tastes, I generally do modify them a bit with less NR and slightly more sharpening at a smaller radius.


                      Even out-of-camera JPEG files will benefit from the new processing engine. I find that turning down the sharpening and NR in-camera, and then applying some subtle tweaking in LR, for example, makes for much better looking images even when starting from a JPEG. If you are a raw shooter, like I am, then upgrading to the latest Photoshop and Lightroom is absolutely 100% worthwhile in my opinion!


                      I personally feel that the quality of raw conversions in Adobe's latest software are pretty much the best there are. I have used many other raw converters (Capture One, Aperture, RAW Developer, Silky Pix, Canon's DPP etc.), and while each have their strengths, overall I far prefer the look of the final image from Adobe's latest software. Sure, I might find the colour rendition slightly better, in some cases, from some other raw converters, but colour I can fix. Poor detail rendition or heavy-handed/crude noise reduction I cannot.


                      EDIT: Also should mention how good the lens correction controls are. Not only are there automatic lens corrections available (possibly of limited use with an M8 due to potential lack of lens EXIF information), but the manual corrections are extremely useful. Chromatic aberration, vignetting, highlight fringing and distortion control all work extremely well and are minimally harmful to image quality, unlike performing those same corrections in Photoshop after the raw conversion stage. You also have excellent perspective corrections that, amazingly enough, seem to have very little impact on image quality even when fairly dramatic adjustments are made.


                      Lastly, I own both Noise Ninja and Topaz DeNoise and since upgrading to Adobe's latest software, I don't think I have felt the need to use either of those two third party NR plugins once. Purely from a noise reduction standpoint, upgrading to CS5 or LR v3 is almost like getting a new camera, almost like moving from a cropped sensor to a full-frame as far as high-ISO image quality.


                      I would suggest you download Lightroom v3 and give the 30 trial version a whirl. Spend some time in the Detail section of the Develop module and make sure that for each image you are looking at, ones that you may have edited in previous versions of Camera Raw or Lightroom, that you have "2010(Current)" chosen in the "Process:" section of the CameraCalibration tab in Develop. That will ensure that you are fully benefitting from the latest raw conversion engine. Zoom in to 100% before you tweak the Detail settings to make sure you are seeing actual pixel-level detail. I think you may be amazed at what you can do...



                      Mike Mander

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        I have to wholeheartedly agree with mgmander, above, on all points regarding Camera Raw (I don't use Lightroom, but everything applies).


                        The 2010 development process, after re-evaluation of the default settings you were used to using with earlier versions, can definitely be used to extract better and more realistic looking detail from raw images.  The only thing that I was slightly reserved about was that the Adobe-supplied color profiles for my particular camera (Canon 40D) seemed a bit lacking, but a great guy here on the forum named Vit Novak made me a custom camera profile that I like very much.  I now confidently feel that Camera Raw beats all the other converters on all fronts.


                        The lens profile-based corrections are icing on the cake.  It improves the quality of images through every lens.  Overall upgrading to the CS5 product is somewhat like buying better camera equipment.


                        I rarely need to use any noise reduction any more, though very occasionally I do run my own color noise reduction action, on my Camera Raw conversions.  It truly is liberating to just be able choose the ISO needed to get the shot with little concern for whether the noise will get out of hand.