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    pls help !!


      i have just bought sony prs-t1 i dont understand any of this and need help i have register with sony and ade on computer how does it get on reader and how do i get book on pls be patient i really dont no what im doing and just want to read pls help xx

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          You're a pretty typical new ereader.  From what you've said, you bought an

          ereader and want to start reading ebooks, but there aren't many

          instructions or a 'how to do this' tutorial.  So, forgive me if my reply is

          pretty basic.


          First, don't believe the hype.  There is stuff in the background that's

          pretty technical.  And it's stuff that makes the difference whether you can

          use the T1 easily or not.


          Next, there are particular steps you have to take in the process of

          establishing a hookup to a source for ebooks.  Adobe Digital Editions is

          part of that process because the publishing industry has set some standard

          formats, and Digital Editions has been selected as the primary software to



          Third, and most important, each manufacturer of an ereader has something

          proprietary built into it that will work on their sites, but not

          necessarily on third party sites.  And there are lots of third party sites.


          Starting at the beginning, you need to register the hardware with the

          vendor - in this case, you should have some instructions in your package

          with the T1 that tell you how to go online to the SONY website and register

          your T1.  You'll have to use a User ID and a password to do this, and that

          information will be key later on, when you try to go to SONY's Reader Store

          or to a third party website.  After you've registered, the SONY website

          will try to link you to the SONY Reader Store, and will want you to

          download your ebooks from there.  That's OK, because it will be very easy

          for you to follow their instructions.


          If you want to go to a third party site to get an ebook, you'll have to

          figure out what software is going to be involved.  Lots of websites are out

          there, and you can do a Search on the Internet and find maybe 500 - or

          5,000.  The problems that you'll encounter have to do with how those

          websites transfer ebooks to you.  Some will link directly to your T1.

          Others will call upon Digital Editions to interface with your T1 - and

          right now, Digital Editions does not support the T1 (check the list of

          Supported Devices in the Help section of Digital Editions ).  So

          you'll go no farther with Digital Editions until they check the T1 out and

          do what they need to do to support it.  Who knows when that will be....


          The other place you might want to go is to the library.  Most libraries

          will want you to use some form of software such as Digital Editions,

          Overdrive or Bluefire Reader.  You should discuss what your library wants

          you to use with their technical support people.  Some will download

          directly to your ereader, and that would be the best situation.


          Summing up, now that you have the ID for SONY, check out their website and

          get ebooks from there for now.  Learn how the process works and enjoy

          reading!  The rest can come later, after you've figured out what's involved

          and how it all works for you.


          Good luck!



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            thank u so much very apercutated i now have pubcil libary which i didnt have before x and choose my locel epub libariy but says about libarey card which i dont have how did i get 1 x