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    Trying to figure out how to get font sizes in textfield to show up right


      This is a flash question it just gets a little complicated.


      Running into a cross platform problem.


      I have a microsoft .NET application that I created to draw graphics. I put the properties of the drawn object into a database.

      I then read the properties into flash and dynamically build the objects that were drawn in microsoft.net with actionscript.


      The problem I'm running into is I'm using the Microsoft gdi+ model to draw text in my development environment with a specific font size in points.

      When I translate that over into flash, my runtime environment the font size appears smaller.




           I'm using a textfield object and setting the htmltext property to create the text.  Then I'm using the bitmapdata object to convert

      the textfield into a bitmap.  I do this for a couple of reasons.


      I can get the fonts to match closely If I multiply the font size of the textfield by 1.50.


      For example


      var fontsize:number = DatabaseFontsize * 1.50;


      this gets my fontsize close for the textfield.


      However with certain fonts this does not work.   Any help would be appreciated


      Am I posting this in the wrong place??