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    Motion editor is shifting my anchor points...

    DrunkCyclist Level 1

      Has anyone else had this problem?


      I absolutely hate the motion editor with every fiber of my soul for reasons like this — I've been trying to use it on several projects for over 3 years and I have been using Flash since version 3 and I am way beyond a timeline animator with my as3 skills.


      However — the motion editor KILLS me every time I try to use it for even the most basic, simple tweens. Nothing ever works. Then I give up and go back to classic tweens or just animate using the greensock tweening classes.


      My beef right now is this.


      I am trying to do thi swith a blank document and it refuses to work but it is the simplest thing imaginable.


      I place a movie clip on frame 1. I extend that across the number of frames I want to animate (in this case 12).

      I MAKE SURE that my movieclip's anchor point is in the exact center of the movie clip.


      I create a motion tween and open the motion editor.


      I add a keyframe to the last frame and a keyframe to the first frame.


      I set a value of either "1" or "0" for scaleX and scaleY (does not matter what I do here — the result is ALWAYS the same.


      On the last frame I make sure the value is 100.


      At some point Flash decides to move my anchor point up or down about 10-20 pixels (when viewing at a 1:1 view) — resulting in my movieclip being shifted out of place.


      I am NOT editing the X or Y or ANY OTHER value in the motion editor — I simply want it to expand from small to big — staying centered.


      It takes 2 seconds to do this with the classic tweens and does not break. The motion editor REFUSES to let me expand a movie clip from the center outward.


      If you then grab the anchor point and snap it to the center of the movieclip again — it drops the movie clip down even MORE and pushes the anchor point back out of alignment.


      The reason I want to use the motion editor is to add some easing, maybe a bounce, and save it as a preset to apply to a bunch of movieclips that need to animate the same way — but I cannot make it work and keep the anchor point centered in the center of the movie clip. It goes out of alignment the second I add 2 keyframes with different values — and even when removing the tween altogether the anchor point is still out of alignment and I need to manually put it back into the center of the MC — and then re-align the MC where I want it on the stage.


      I know this is long winded for a short question — but without uploading a bunch of screenshots — I have no idea what to do.


      Something like this makes it impossible to do ANYHING in that godforesaken motion editor and I have never actually been able to successfully use it for ANY project I've done in the last 3 years (out of hundreds). I keep trying and keep giving up on it.


      It's JUNK.