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    Change the playback speed of a MovieClip

    XanaRaquel Level 1

      Hi and I’m really going crazy with this.


      This is the situation:  Using the deco tool I’ve created a simple fire animation. The problem with this tool is that it won’t let me set the speed above 200%. So my idea to solve this was to create a movie clip, use the deco tool there and somehow speed up the playback of this MovieClip.


      Well, so far I had no luck at all. I’m really bad with ActionScript which makes things even worst.


      “ Stage.frameRate = X “ works but it changes the frame rate of everything. “ fire_mc.frameRate = X “ doesn’t work unfortunately.

      I don’t need to it be precise. I just want this MovieClip to play 5 times faster that it plays now.


      Any help?