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    Indesign CS 5.5 and Mac Lion


      I Have been using Indesign and Macs for years ...I was recently runing CS4 and experienced a nasty problem: I closed Indesign and, upon re-opening found my document had gone back 5 days! I had been saving all along and also counted on the auto-save. Nothing. I had to re-work and then a few days later had to close and open yet again – same problem, but this time going back five days!


      I decided to upgrade to Indesign 5.5. I then tried to contact Adobe to see what was going on, had they had any such experience etc - waste of time. I just got mixed up with Customer service and Tech help muttering about actovation coees etc – which was irrevelvant. They said I should have had to put in two serial codes (old and new), seen an activation prompt, etc etc – all of which turns out to be nonsense (as i found after checking the installation and activation help pages)...DSo, what was going on.....Then I saw these Forum pages and all kinds of problems with Lion and Adobe...And I remembered: before all this happebned I had upgraded to Lion.


      On the loss, I checked for hiden cached files etc etc but it was all lost. It must be the lion upgrade.


      I am now still anxious that the same thing will happen with the latest Indesign and know it is a waste of time asking wither Adobe or Apple (who will simply dump on one another, as usual).


      Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?

      I regularly save and check it has been saved (In File), but I'm really worried this will happen again....and it's tedious constantly 'saving as' a new version of my book.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Can't offer a whole lot, but if you saved continuously over that 5-day period it's very unlikely that you would have a five-day old file unless you are really opening an old version or you are looking at old recovery data that is opening automatically when you restart after a crash.


          Have you tried a spotlight search for the file name?

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            kallinson17 Level 1

            Peter: I tried that (the first thing to do), but also data recovery, checking the backups (which, of course, had simply backed up non-saved files).....Nothing. It was it happened a second time that I realised I had a real anomaly on my hands that had never before existed for me...and all that had changed was installing OS Lion. Currently (I just double-checked), I can search through to my Library / cache / Indesign / etc and get to recovery files ....these didn't exist when I had my failures. They have come back only with the CS 5.5 upgrade to Indesign. That makes it sound OK, but I'm still nervous about what is going on.....

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              kallinson17 Level 1

              Peter: a reflection: I suspect that the Lion installation simply wiped the Library files (as it would) and then the nighly backup simply copied the now empty Library cache on the backup drive – hence no record anymore.  So, next day, upon opening up InDesign and returning to the document, it was an older version.


              Lesson: Indesign doesn't properly save until you actually /  formally exit /close the document at issue. Closing during the Lion installation (a force close? I can't recall) doesn't count. It would have been OK (as in a crash), but the new installation wipes the recovery data and takes the document back to its older formal save / exit. In 25 yrs on Macs and about 10 or more on InDesign I have never experienced this kind of problem before. Now I know. It's a pity that a very long phone call to Adobe in attempting to clear this up was a useless exercise in bureacracy, stropiness, diversions and wrong information that merely clouded what has probably been a simple and unusual issue.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                InDesign only writes out the file to disk when you issue a Save command of some sort. Up to then the changes are stored in the temporary files in (I think) the recovery folder or memory. If you force quit (or crash), any changes since the last save are going to be lost unless they happen to be in the recovery file, and that file isn't damaged. Are you saying you closed the program without actually saving? Do you do that a lot?

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I work on Windows, not Mac, but I think some of the same principles apply when doing upgrades. It's always a better bet to do a clean installation of a new OS rather than installing on top of your old one. Little problems in the old system can turn into major nightmares after the upgrade, and they're really hard to track down and fix. Programs should also be installed clean from the original media, not migrated. Data files (and I keep mine on a separate hard drive from the OS and programs, but that's me) can be restored from backup or copied (presuming you plan ahead and make that backup).

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                    SuperMacGuy Level 2

                    Lion is a real weird beast in regards to saving. Old apps don't automatically take advantage of the new versions-saving feature, and I'll guess CS5.5 does not. So you're right in that you must still manually press command-S to save a document. Quitting the app when you have an unsaved document may or (may not!) prompt a dialog about unsaved documents in Lion; I don't know that Lion will know if apps not updated for auto-save should have a dialog or not. I'd take the safe route and assume Lion won't prompt you to save, so you'd better take responsibility and get in the habit of command-S; save-as might be overkill, IMO.

                    FWIW I'm avoiding Lion at all costs and suggest others do the same; obviously that's no help for you now.

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                      kallinson17 Level 1

                      :-)…thanks for the comments…It's all becoming a bit more logical now that hide sight has me out of the woods!…...KA