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    Flash Builder 4.5 unable to find the debug version of the Flash Player.


      I'm running into the following error:




      Flash Builder cannot locate the required debugger version of Adobe Flash Player. You might need to install the debugger version of the Flash Player or reinstall Flash Builder.


      Do you want to try to debug with the current version?


      I have already went to the link the dialog box provided to download the debug versions of the Flash Player.  I have installed both the Plugin and AX versions of the debugger.  Restarted all browers, Flash Builder and rebooted the PC for good measure.  I have spent a good amount of time looking for information on this issue.  All the threads that I found that were related to this issue didn't have a workable soution so far.  Hence I'm starting a thread on this problem.


      I'm running Flash Builder 4.5 on Windows Vista 32-bit.  I have tried using both FireFox 3.6.24 and IE 8.0.6001.


      I started with the Trial version then purchased the license online.  I don't know if that has any bearing.


      Any information to diagnose this problem further would be greatly appreciated.