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    Apply Fitting to All Graphics Frame


      Hi there,


      My current project is making a photo directory for my Church. I am using the Data Merge feature to populate the entries from a spreadsheet and have been very impressed with this so far. What I now need is a script that will allow me to setting the fitting for every graphics frame in my document to "Fitting" -> "Fit Frame to Content".


      The reason for this is because I want to apply a stroke to all images, but because images are different aspect ratios I am left with an image resized proportionally to fit the frame with some empty white space inside the frame; for a 6x4 type image, I am left with a white bar underneath the image, and for a 4x6 I am left with two white bars either side. If I apply this fitting option before the merge, it scales the frame to 0in x 0in because there is no image inside; I can't select all after the merge because that only selects all on a page, and I would have to do that on 28 pages.


      I can apply a drop shadow to the frame before the merge, or even any other effect, and it only applies to the image. I just can't apply a stroke because there is no effect for that, such as there is in Illustrator or Photoshop.


      Any help is much appreciated!