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    [JS CS5] possible memory leak problem with dialog box in event handler

    richardh6 Level 1



      I am having a very difficult problem.


      I have attached a script as an event handler to a menu item, using a menu installation script I wrote based on one by Marc Autret. My version of the menu installation script attaches a bunch of event handlers all at the same time, to different menu actions.


      What the event handler I'm having a problem with does is prompt the user for a URL, and then applies the URL as a hyperlink to the text selection, with our house style for how the URL should look.


      The problem is this:


      1. All of the other installed menu actions work fine, except for this one.


      2. The URL-adding script works fine, when you run it directly from the script menu.


      3. The combination of #1 and #2 (using the URL-adding script by running it as an event handler from the Edit menu) crashes InDesign. But not until after the URL-adding script has finished, and completed everything it was supposed to do!


      4. When I comment out the user-input section of the URL-adding script, so that instead of saying


      userInput = myDisplayDialog();


      it says


      userInput = "http://thisworks.com";   // userInput = myDisplayDialog();


      it works fine as an event handler.


      So obviously it's a problem with the dialog box, but only when the URL-adding script is run as an event handler. My first guess is that it's some kind of memory leak, but I think I'm following the .destroy() pattern the way I've seen it elsewhere.


      Has anybody experienced anything like this before?


      I can provide all the relevant scripts if necessary, but they're pretty convoluted. The most important one is the user input function. Here it is:



      var myDisplayDialog = function( defaultText ) {
          var defaultText = defaultText || "";
          var myDialog = app.dialogs.add({
              name: "Type in a URL"
          var myOuterColumns = [];
          var myInnerColumns = [];
          var myOuterRows = [];
          var myBorderPanels = [];
          var myTextEditboxes = [];
          var myInput;
          myOuterColumns[0] = myDialog.dialogColumns.add();
          myOuterRows[0] = myOuterColumns[0].dialogRows.add();
          myBorderPanels[0] = myOuterRows[0].borderPanels.add();
          myInnerColumns[0] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
              staticLabel: "URL:"
          myInnerColumns[1] = myBorderPanels[0].dialogColumns.add();
          myTextEditboxes[0] = myInnerColumns[1].textEditboxes.add({
               minWidth: 300,
               editContents: defaultText ? defaultText : "http://"
          var myResult = myDialog.show();
          var myInput = myTextEditboxes[0].editContents;
          if (myResult == false) {
          return myInput;