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    Placed Word text flows only onto verso pages


      I'm working on a book in which facing page spreads are crucial.  My source files are in Word, which does not have the concept of spreads like ID does.  But the Word files are set up so that the spreads should work correctly, with page breaks at the right points.  If I print the Word docs on a printer that supports double-sided printing all is well--recto and verso come out as expected.


      When I place the Word files into ID, the first page (a recto, of course) and the first spread are OK.  After that all the text flows onto verso pages only.  If I have ID show the flow from out ports to in ports on the next frame, the big arrows show that it is bypassing the recto pages completely (after the first spread).  I can fix this manually but the book is long and it's a pain.  Anybody have a solution?