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    How to identify the user




      I just recently started using Flash Builder and followed one of Adobes online guides to build a mobile Flex app with PHP


      After a few struggles I'm getting on very well with the build and have got it working with a mysql server distributed on a shred server


      Now for the applications I'm looking at doing I'm interested in how you keep and recognise users when they use the app


      For example the tutorial i followed it referenced the testdrive DB for employees and everything was available to whoever used the app but if I wanted to restrict data and look of the app depending on who was using the app how do i get a unique identifier from the device with Flash Builder?  If was to make an online contacts database for that specific user I would store the data for the user and their contacts against an ID and when that user accessed the app again they would pull just data for the id


      From the little research I've done it seems the best way is to use the ANDROID_ID, nothing seems fool proof as if the device if wiped then this could change, but I'm fine with that as I'd have a backup solution


      How do i pull the ANDROID_ID or in fact how do i pull any devic einformation from within my Flash Builder Applications?


      Thanks and sorry if this is something very simple