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    Toolbars go kerfluey in RoboHelp 9

    Tech Comm Tools Adobe Community Professional

      I have seen this behavior for over 6 months now, and on 2 different systems.


      I think I may have narrowed down the cause, and wondering if anyone can confirm/deny, or co-miserate!


      RoboHelp 9 (patched, etc.) is duplicating my toolbars


      I think this is happening when I have both RH8 (patched) and RH9 (patched) on the same system.


      I had 2 separate systems exhibit this behavior...


      MacBook Pro (circa 2007) running Bootcamp, Win7 Ultimate 32 bit

      MacBook Air (new, and sooo cool!) running vmware Fusion, Win7 Ultimate, 64 bit


      It's not a dealbreaker, but on both systems now it's shown itself initially within hours of a major Adobe presentation at a major conference! No harm yet, but sure kicks the blood pressure up a bit wondering if things will keep moving thru the preso!