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    mx:List and XML

      I have the following XML structure providing data for my mx:List control:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <area label="West Europe">
      <country label="France" flag="images/flags/flag_france.png">
      <client label="client 1"/>
      <country label="Spain" flag="images/flags/flag_spain.png">
      <client label="client 2"/>
      <country label="Italy" flag="images/flags/flag_italy.png">
      <client label="client 3"/>
      <area label="East Europe">
      <country label="Albenia" flag="images/flags/flag_albenia.png">
      <client label="client 4"/>
      <country label="Hungary" flag="images/flags/flag_hungary.png">
      <client label="client 5"/>
      <country label="CZ republic" flag="images/flags/flag_czech_republic.png">
      <client label="client 6"/>

      Is there a way to visually split the List into several columns, for ex., one column includes only West Europe, another - East Europe etc…
      Thanks for help.