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    3 layers in my document


      Hi All,


      I have 3 layers in my document. Layer0 is text layer, Layer 1 is graphic layer and layer 2 is color box layer.


      Can I check all my 3 layers items and save a report if there is any item placed in wrong layer?


      Layer0 assigned for all text.

      Layer1 assigned for all graphic.

      Layer2 assigned for color boxes.




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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Sure. To get you started:


          var layer0=app.activeDocument.layers.itemByName("Layer0");
          if (layer0.rectangles.length) {
            alert("Layer0 contains "+layer0.rectangles.length+" rectangles.");

          Of course, it turns out that while text items are .textFrames and boxes are .rectangles, graphics are .rectangles, too.

          Fortunately you can use .allGraphics array which is a property of the layer.