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    Need a suggestion - Can I use Livecycle Output ES as below


      My company needs to generate documents on the fly and we are looking to find a solution where we can associate the data elements with the PDF template fields and at runtime we fill in application data to generate the documents.


      We don't need anything fancier that this but have following requirements :

      1> Our customers need to create PDF templates and the data bindings based on the XSD we provide to them -  What can we do here?

           A. Do they need to have LiveCycle Designer installed on their desktops?

           B. Or, Can we provide a website where we embed the LiveCycle Designer so that the customers can design their PDFs and Data Mappings there?


      2> Provided that we get PDF templates with the data bindings can these be transferred across the servers? Meaning can the customers provide us their PDF Templates and we fill the PDFs on the fly on our end using Livecycle Output Server? Does it work this way or the server and the designer both need to be part of one integrated system?


      3>Do we need the Enterprise suit for this? Or Output Server and Output designer can be independently purchased and used?


      4>The PDFs designed via output designer, can these be used by some third party PDF interpreter software such as iText? Will it retain and expose the data bindings anywhere except the Output Server?


      5> What are the pricing for each of these : Output Designer, Output Server and Enterprise Suit?


      I am sorry if these are irrelevant questions, but I am not able to find the answers myself anywhere over the Internet.


      Any responses will help!

      Thanks in advance

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          Hodmi Level 4

          1 - Designer is not available as a web based application.  

          2 - Yes, the template is self contained and can be run on any compatible LiveCycle server

          3 - If all you want to do is design a form, then merge data with the form for a static PDF then you need Output server and LiveCycle Designer

          4 - I'm not familiar with iText, but the PDF generated by Output is complete and complient with the PDF standard. 

          5 - I can't answer pricing questions here.  You'll have to speak with your Adobe Sales Rep to get pricing relivant to your organization.

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            CODevGroup Level 1

            Thank you very much for your responde Hodmi!


            Based on your answers I understand that I can ONLY install Output Server and Output Designer independently and work with my application. I have managed to download the Output Designer, could you please provide me a link that leads me to a download and documentation for Output Server? I have looked at http://www.adobe.com/products/livecycle/outputserver/centralpro/

            and other related links but I am not able to get to the trial download of the Output Server (Only without the enteprise suite) and any documentation on how to set it up, sample codes etc.


            Thank yous in advance!

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              Hodmi Level 4

              The Output server, more properly know as "Adobe LiveCycle Output ES2.5" can be downloaded by getting the LiveCycle ES2.5 Trial (when you do the installation you can select the Output module)



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                Neal G. Davies Level 2

                There is a bit of naming confusion going on here; products are being mixed up.
                As well there is a newer version to the ES 2.5 version Hodmi references.


                LiveCycle Designer works with LiveCycle Output; both available as part of the Adobe Digital Enterprise Suite; you can download an evaluation here - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/enterprise-platform.html
                Under ADEP trial downloads


                We have another, older range of products
                Adobe Output Designer and Adobe Central Pro Output Server. (the link you were looking at)
                These products are older, released before LiveCycle / ADEP; they work well for simple document use cases; but they are old technology and have an end of support date of  June 2016.
                There is no trial download page available; you would need to talk to a adobe rep to get access.


                For new customers we recommend the modern LiveCycle/ADEP product lines.

                You can request that an Adobe rep contact you via - https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=solutions 

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                  CODevGroup Level 1

                  Oh okay, thanks for the info Neal! But my original question was whether we can buy and install LiveCycle Designer and LiveCycle Output independently without having to buy and install the Adobe Digital Enterprise Suite! And I intepreted Hodmi's answer as yes.


                  Because, what we are thinking is the following: Our customers will buy  LiveCycle Designer and create form templates and we buy the LiveCycle Output server to process the templates at runtime. Now, asking the customer to buy the Digital Enterprise Suite could be a deal breaker for us becauce all we want is the data mapping. There could be other great features of the Suite but I suppose it is an overkill for us.


                  IF these two can not love independently of the enterprise suite , my question would be -  can we host the Digital Enterprise Suite somewhere by buying per user license etc, so that all of our customers can connect to the host server create the templates and store it in the host server for us to deal with those templates at runtime. In this case the customers woundn't have to buy anything.

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                    Neal G. Davies Level 2

                    Designer is basically tooling that is bundled with the developer part of the Suite

                    You can buy just the Output portion of the suite and Developer/Designer is part of that; you don’t have to buy the entire suite, to use just Output.

                    We don't sell Designer separately – but there are standalone installs and as part of a sale it may be possible to work that out.

                    The EULA does have language limiting use of the S/W in a the context of a service bureau; which is close to what you are saying where your customers provide you with templates and you use them; not a usual sales pattern for us 

                    – so you would likely need to discuss the use case with one of our reps.