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    what are the parameters for the processes menu items

    dataffect Level 1

      Is there anywhere that lists out what the exact parameters of the process menu items are. i.e "Make Louder, Normalize, Hard Limit, Equalize Volume Levels",


      For instance when you use "Make Louder" you see the dialog box title change from "Analyzing peeks" to "Applying Hard Limit". What exactly is happening when these processes are being applied? I realize that the Hard limiter is being applied, but with what paramaters and what does "Analyzing peeks" really mean and is there a way to do that by its self and if so what can be learned by the results.


      I would also like to know the paramaters for the others as well. It would be helpfull to know, so one could dial up or down the paramaters to achieve a similar result, but with slightly more or less effect.



      Don T