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    Import was not fully correct.

    Jessica Lemonado

      Hi there,

      When I tried to re-import the same XML file back to Captivate 5, an error was prompted:

      Import was not fully correct. For information about errors please check log file:.......


      I found there is another post about this issue, but the actual problems we met are different. In my log file, it reads:

      The following object with given id is not found in the project - ObjectId: 5984 ObjectType: 275 ResType: x-cp-audio-item


      all the same things.


      I ignore this error and continuing publishing. Seems the published files are Ok. But I still wonder what does this error mean, and will it have any affect on the publish?

      Any answer are great appreciated.



      Btw, if I re-import an modified XML, the import is successful, puzzled...

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          Spamhunter Level 1

          "Import" in my Captivate 5.5 demo imports nothing at all. If I click Import captions, there's a working bar for a few seconds, the message that 200 items have been imported... but nothing changes, even if the imported file had been wiped blank!.


          Importing XML gives me, in less than a blink, the message "Import was successful" - and yet again, nothing has changed.


          If it begins like this in demo mode I can't see myself getting very far with it.


          I just experimented with a random string saved as an XML file & "imported" it, with "Import was successful"! If it wasn't sad it would be funny.