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    Bookmarks exist but don't work in PDF (exported from InDesign)

    Alison - Clearly Stated

      Hi all,


      I had a similar problem a few months ago where SOME cross-references within a document weren't taking you to the right place when exported to PDF although they appeared to work fine in InDesign (the "source" and "destination" arrows took you to the right place). Someone suggested exporting the file to IDML and importing again, which worked fine.


      Now I'm working on the same document (an update) but it's grown a bit and so each chapter is in its own file within a book. Problem is similar but not the same. Some cross-references work fine in the generated PDF, others are recognised as being links (cursor changes) but NO effect when clicking on them... not taking me to the wrong place, nothing is happening at all. ALSO the table of contents AND the bookmarks don't work.


      I've exported each chapter to IDML, recreated the InDesign files and recreated the book, but still no joy. If all else fails, I'll put the book back into a single file but I'd rather not go through this pain each time I have to update the book (especially as this latest change was really tiny).


      Any suggestions? Are cross-references between files in a book known to be problematic? And if they are, has the problem been addressed for CS5.5? (I'm looking to use InDesign for a journal that will contain a lot of links between elements, but the turnaround time is tight and I'm wary of this issue being a problem each month.)


      Currently using CS5 on Windows 7 Professional, and Acrobat 9 Pro Extended was installed as part of the Tech Comm Suite.

      Thanks in advance,