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    ADE & ebrary - printing problem




      "ebrary" is a large collection of E-Books, which many academic libraries are offering to their patrons. My library has an "Academic Complete"-Subscription (that means multi-user access to more than 50.000 titles). Recently "ebrary" made an upgrade to a new feature: using ADE, you can "borrow" books for a limited periode of 14 days, read them offline, transfer it to compatible devices etc. Also you are allowed to print approx. 25 % of the book.

      Whenever I download a title in ADE and opening it for the first time, it shows me the page range I am able to print. Opening the same title the next day, the print range is set to "zero" pages (without having printed anything in the meantime. This happenend for ALL titles, I have borrowed - so it can not be a single title-specific problem.

      This is a really irritating program behaviour.

      I am using ADE 1.7.2 with Windows 7.

      Has anyone made similar experiences or can offer some advice?


      Thanks in advance!