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    Burning a Blue-ray disk: BDAV and BDMV


      Good day


      I'm really hoping someone can assist me because my hobby has turned into a real nightmare.

      It started with me buying a Sony HDR CX550, then realizing I needed a very fast computer to allow Adobe to work with the AVCHD format.
      Thousands of dollars later and I have this very fast computer, a Blueray burner, a blue-ray player but still I cannot even watch it on my TV.

      And just to add fuel to the fire, adobe premier crashes every now and then when adding content to the timeline.


      So ehre is my main issue:

      I  created a project in Elements version 9 and then selected the option to burn it to Blue-ray disk.

      This process is completed successfully but the problem is I can only view the disk on my computer and not on my Blue-ray player. The disk works on someone elses player though...

      My Blueray player (LG BD 670) spesifies that it can only play a BD-R/RE disk that is recorded in a BDAV format and when I view the contents of the disk I can see a

      BDMW folder :-(


      Is there an option in Adobe that I can set that will change the format of the Blueray disk to the one my player will support?

      If not what am I to do? All I want to achieve is to edit my movies, burn it to blue-ray and watch in high definition.



      Thank you very much




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements burns standard playable BluRays and DVDs. There's no way to chance that.


          Though I'm not sure why your disc player would play anything other than that. Have you been able to burn a BluRay from any program (such as Windows MovieMaker) that will work on that machine?


          It could be the brand of your discs (NEVER use Memorex) or the speed at which you're burning them. As you say, the discs do play fine on your friend's disc player,so you know the program and your computer are doing their jobs.

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            stepcic Level 1

            Hi Steve, no I have not tried to burn from another program. Are you saying there is no way to set Adobe to create a Blue-ray disk in BDAV format?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You can research this more and I could be wrong -- but all BluRay discs use a BDMV directory structure. BDAV refers to the method of producing the individual video clips (.mts) with stereoscopic sound, which Premiere Elements also does. At least that's what this article says:



              I've never heard of more than one flavor of BluRay disc. Premiere Elements produces a standard BluRay disc.


              If your player can't play it, it could be related to the quality of the disc brand you're using, your burn speed -- or, unfortunately, the disc player itself. Although most will play home-burned discs, they can vary pretty wildly in their ability handle just any disc. (And R/W BluRay discs are even less compatible with many players.)


              Have you tried burning a test disc from MovieMaker yet? That would help you determine if it's the programming or your media that's the issue.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                If the BD plays on other players, I would check for a firmware update for the problem player. Be VERY sure to read the instructions for updating the firmware. Matter of fact, I'd print it out, and have it handy. Follow EVERY step carefully, and do not miss any. Perform them in the order in the instructions.


                High-quality blank media is VERY important.


                Good luck,