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    Saving (MP3) Sound Objects

    DaveCates Level 1

      Hello All,


      Very relevant to mobile devs as we’ll all probably cross this bridge some time...


      I have a music downloader app which using the load of the sound object to grab ID3 data. Then, I use a URL Loader to download the actual file - much easier than the below...


      This seems overkill and I should be able to use the extract method of the Sound object to save out the file. Right?


      But, this extract method exposes the raw data and whenever I save it to a file it bloats from 9Mb to approx 77Mb.


      I’d rather not have to write an MP3 parser since the data is already an MP3 or...when the MP3 is loaded, does FP then convert it to a WAV in it’s memory??


      Any ideas of how to do this in a straight forward way??