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    ACE Adobe Flex certification


      I'm thinking about getting an Adobe ACE certification for Flex, but found some stuff on Adobe's site confusing. What I'm interested in, is a certification that gives me a credential which shows I'm proefficient in Adobe Flex(for employer/work), I'm not sure which of the multiple available tests offers me that.


      For example, on this page(http://www.adobe.com/support/certification/developer.html), if you scroll down to the "About Flex Developer Certification" section, it says you need to do the 9A0-129 test to become an ACE Flex developer, but on this page(http://www.adobe.com/support/certification/exams/) that particular test isn't listed at all, but 9A0-182 and 9A0-082 are.


      Does taking any of these tests get you an ACE certification in Flex?