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    A single layer of a composition is causing whole system slowdown not seen in the rest of the project


      The layer consists only of a photoshop file. The operator is not using any plugins or even any kinds of effect, just trying to paint on the layer which aside from what's being painted on is only a photoshop file of a simple graphic.


      Doing anything else in the composition is as fast as ever, but if the layer is open, saving, painting, scrubbing through, any activity at all is painfully slow almost to the point of a crash.


      The piece of media is located in the same place as all the other assets in the project and there's been no bandwidth issues I can see with the storage location, testing both with other parts of the project, plus streaming HD uncompressed and prores movs plus everyone else on the network also using this storage The problems as near as I can tell definitely seem to be totally isolated to the layer.


      I've tried resetting the machine and also clearing the Pram. Can anyone help?