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    html text import crash


      I've got some text in an xml file that I'm assigning to the html property of a text member. The following works fine:


      <html><head><title>Untitled</title></head><body bgcolor="#000000"><font face="Myriad Pro Bold *" size=6 color="#DBEACD">Hello World</font></body></html>


      but this causes Director to lock up (only difference is the <br>):


      <html><head><title>Untitled</title></head><body bgcolor="#000000"><font face="Myriad Pro Bold *" size=6 color="#DBEACD">Hello<br>World</font></body></html>


      If I copy and paste the text into a text cast member and then assign it to the html property in the message window it works ok:


      sprite(me.spriteNum).member.html = member("temp").text


      Trying it in lingo causes Director to crash...


      I'm using Director 11.5 under Windows 7 Home Premium.