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    Maximum amount of Illustrator layers?

    tristansummers Level 1

      Hello all

      Today I am hitting issues where AE crashes if I bring in AI files as Comps if there are too many layers.

      Or maybe it just takes a ery long time...


      Is there any form of guidance to predict this?

      Does it depend on Comp size, or Vector complexity?


      In this example, I have a World Map that has to be the specific Vector dot base world map I have been supplied.

      I need to animate the change of colour of the dots individually so am having to bring in the map in sections and am just trying to deciede how small sections I have to bring in, in order to pre render individual sections.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If at all, it would depend on the number of points in a path. This could cause issues evn in AI. Complex things like blends or gradient meshes may also be too complex due to how they work. Therefore slicing up the map may not improv anything. In fact it's more likely to improve things by aviding thesse complx constructs. Beyond that I'm not aware of any hard limits, but keep in mind that even in AE it's essentially Illustrator's code doing the work with all its bugs and flaws plus that being run on top of AE, you of course will simply run out of memory at some point...



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            tristansummers Level 1

            Thanks sir (for years of error code support also).

            It is a map made of dots.

            each dot seperated to a layer in AI so I can animate it.

            So deleting dots reduces it.

            500 layers works, 1000 doesn't.

            So I can bring in the top half of Africa, but not all of it.

            (haven't found a working script to delete empty illustrator layers yet)


            Maybe it would be better if I could convert a flat Ai layer to shapes and animate them but can't figure out how to do that


            Thanks again.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm not understanding why you need to bring in every dot as a layer. I can't imagine a project where you couldn't group large areas of dots on a single layer. I'd simplify as much as I could.

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                tristansummers Level 1

                Hello again Rick

                Why can you not imagine why you would want to animate each individual dot?

                I want them to animate in.

                The map (made of dots) has been given to me by a designer as an illustrator file, and I have to animate it.

                I do not want to ever see half a dot. I want each dot to come in one at a time.


                The quickest way to do this is to Release to Layers then Sequence Layers.

                Then any animation I can do to each dot at once.

                I can not think of a simpler way.

                They wouldn't let me recreate the map in anything that I could use a more optimised Plug in to create and manipulate the dots.

                I have hit similar walls before where expressions will stop working if there are too many layers.

                Anyway, it seems to be working breaking it up into sections. If the section is too big I just have to force quit and try again. Like now as Russia is too big.


                I would have liked to use ball action or similar as a transition or way to recreate and manipulate the map, but the way the grid to ball size ratio sliders work means I cannot set it to the grid and size of the existing grid. And I cannot find or even warp a world map that matches the proportions of the supplied dot map.

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  So you're starting with a blank screen then flying in dots that eventually make up a map. From the first time I saw your request for help with this project I thought that you were moving in on a completed map. That's why I couldn't visualize needing to animate each dot.


                  Are the dots flying in as 3D elements so they start behind the camera and land at their final destination as a very small portion of the map? I'm a little confused when you say you never want to see half a dot. If a dot comes in from the side it will either pop on or come in from the side a little at a time. Some of the dots will be half a dot for a frame unless they all come from behind the camera so quickly that you never see an incomplete dot.


                  There may be other ways of achieving this effect. With thousands of these dots flying in they will have to move fairly quickly so you could use something like shatter or card dance. You could even use Particular or Form and some custom maps. Shatter could be used to break up the map using the dots as a custom shatter map and custom shape, then the layer pre-composed and then time reversed. There's a bunch of ways I can think of to get the visual effect that are less work than individually animation thousands of individual dots.

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                    tristansummers Level 1



                    I think Shatter may do it. That could be the thing that can split one layer into elements based on the object within it.

                    I am really at present just staggering the point the dots come in.

                    So you have a flat world map made of dots.

                    Then one by one the dots change colour.

                    Or there are no dots and one by one the dots appear.


                    So I mean I do not want half a dot to change colour/appear which happens if I use alph channels or block dissolves.


                    (I did want to be able to scale them or flip them)

                    This is different from what I was talking about before, where I was recreating the map at different zoom levels and changing the dot resolution depending on the detail required)

                    will see

                    Thanks veryu much