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    Elements 10 disk menus




      I have just upgraded from premiere elements 7 to 10 and the selection of disk menus in 10 is worse than 7, less choice and what is available is somewhat childish amd amaturish.  Is there anywhere on the Adobe site to download additional disk menus?


      Similarly, I have just upgraded from photoshop 7 to 10 and when making dvd labels the selection in 10 is vastley inferior to what is available in 7, tjey are all basic colours and no paterns at all.  Is there anywhere to download additional artwork for dvd labels.


      Another annoyance is screen size, I can hardly read the menus in Photoshop and can't see any way of enlarging the test so that the screen menus appear in a bigger font.


      On a more general note, what I detest most about Elements 10 is that unless you let it dial out it will not run.  I have Zone Alarm and it detects 4 different programs requiring to connect and if I do not allow connection the program either will not run or crashes.  It even requires a further connection before it will burn a dvd.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for venting. Hope you feel better now.


          BTW, if you want to contact Adobe, you can reach them by clicking the Contact Adobe button at the bottom of this page. We're all just civilians here.


          Let us know if you have a question or if you need help.


          BTW, you DID install the two Additional Content discs and register your product, right?

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            blueseven7 Level 1

            Hi Steve


            That was a quick reply Thanks.  It wasn't a vent it was actually 3 questions and 1 statement.  I do require advice about additional disk menus in 10 and additional artwork for Photoshop dvd labels, if there isn't any more available I will be uninstalling 10 and reverting back to 7 in both instances. 


            To answer your questions, my software consists of 5 disks, my OS is W7 64 bit so I have installed disk 2 and also the Content disk 4, all the other disks are for either W 32 bit or Mac.


            Registration ... well I thought I had registered, I completed enought form fields and also the forum registration, incidentally, no mention was made of a 'screen name' and no help for such and it would be more helpful if it was changed to 'username', which is more generally acceptable and understood terminology.  Does registration allow download of additional artwork / disk menus?


            The reference to 10 requiring to dial home was voicing my irritation at an unneccesary requirement, especially 5 different programs and irritation that 10 spits it's dummy out of the pram if it can't contact home.





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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You need to install all content disks in order to see the full set of menus, templates and effects in both Premiere Elements and Photo Elements.

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                blueseven7 Level 1

                There are 2 Contents disks, one marked for Windows and the other for MAC OS, the Windows disk has been installed, are you saying I should install the MAC OS disk as well?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  For additional Menus, there are a very few on the Adobe.com site. Do not know if one needs a Plus account, or not. The reports from users, even with the Plus accounts, has been of very few, and few useful Menu Sets there. Seems that Adobe adds a few, and removes a few, from time to time.


                  One good source of Functional Content, Menu Sets, original music and stock video footage is Muvipix.com. Some is free, and some for a fee, or free with a subscription.


                  Zone Alarm has been highly problematic, and not just with Adobe software. I would try to configure it, to allow all Adobe programs free access to the Internet. I have not seen it in many, many years, so cannot help with any settings.


                  If I read the question on seeing the Menus more clearly, and larger in PSE, I'd first look at the Ctrl+0 (zero), to Zoom in to full size (that works in PS, so I am guessing that it would be the same in PSE), and even Ctrl-+ (Plus) to Zoom in more. Remember, with PrE Menu Sets, there are PSD's (the actual Menus), and then PNG's, which are small thumbnails, just to display in the PrE Menu Viewer.


                  Good luck,



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                    nealeh Level 5

                    You don't need to install the Mac disk.


                    On a general note each version of PRE is self sufficient. So you can have PRE7 installed as well as PRE10 (and 4,8,9 if you wished). This will allow you to take advantage of the new features in PRE10 for working with your assets, export as DV-AVI (I'm assuming SD here), and import to PRE7 for finalising your DVD.


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                      blueseven7 Level 1

                      Thanks for the input everyone, I tried the Adobe help and even the live helper just provides you with a link back to the help page I started on ... which is crazy but kind of what I expected.


                      I have found the template file locations for both 7 and 10 so will probably try amalgamating the two sets and see what results I get. 


                      Re Zone Alarm I am quite happy with the configuration and could easily configure it to allow access but it just irritates me that a program should require 5 sub programs within it to have internet access before it will function.  I have many programs that ask for internet access but I can refuse access and they will still run because most of the time they are just dialling home for updates.  Elements 10 refuses to run without being able to dial home.  I can allow all 4 sub programs to dial home and when it comes to burning a dvd yet another program wants to dial home before it will burn the dvd and if I deny access the program hangs and Windows eventually reports that the prog has stopped responding and closes it.  I guess I am suspicious of all these programs dialing home all the time and it achieves nothing at all other than if you require updates or on line help.  Maybe I am old fashioned but I like to know what is trying to dial out and why and I think a program should work normally without requiring internet access unless of course it is a mail client or browser.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I believe that there has NOT been any change (or if so slight) in the including Menu Set's structure, since at least PrE 4.0. You should have zero problems (just keep the sub-folder structure and all the PSD's, PNG's, any MOV's, WAV's, WMV's, MP3's in those) by adding the different PrE 7.0 Menu Sets to PrE 10.


                        Good luck,



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                          I went through the same upgrade from 7 to 10 and am mostly okay with the overall functionality.  But I agree man, the DVD menus with 10 are really embarrassing.  They are just gimmicky, overly-busy, and clip-arty - the sort of thing somebody's least favorite uncle might use to to impress (i.e., bore) the rest of the family with his vacation, new car, birthday party, etc.


                          I really wanted something just simple and minimal, and I was able to use PSE10 to hack up a couple of them down to just black screens and menu text.  I still do not exactly know how those things hang together, but I have something that works.  I can always slap my own background in, so they aren't just monotonous.


                          I also found that I can take the ones from PE7 and copy them to PE10 and use them there.  I made some DVD's with them and they function as expected.  I did get some strange behavior when I *re-opened* saved project where they were being used.  The error was something like "*** is not a valid PE10 project file".  I did not really investigate it though,  Maybe it was a fluke, but then maybe there is some slight incompatibility.  I probably ought to go back and look at it.


                          I think I might feel better about PE10's DVD menus if they had at least included a few that were just absolute minimal

                          instead of the golly!-gee!-zowee! collection that they give you to pick from in this version . . .



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Well, other than a much broader "Business" sub-folder, the Menus in Adobe Encore are not much above. Very quickly, I realized that I needed to get out my old "graphic designer hat," and get to work.


                            With PrE, I really have only worked with the Menu Sets for otherss' problems. I've looked over them, and have determined that most would not be of much use to me, BUT I can see where they would be useful to a great many others, and especially if I consider the install-base.


                            Other than the Muvipix site, and then Jon Geddes Precomposed site (only for AE Menus for Encore), I have been surprised that a "cottage industry" has not sprung up for PrE Menu Sets. Seems that there is a market for non-family styled Menu Sets, but then I could be wrong.


                            OTOH, with PS, and AI, plus one of the Menu Sets as a guide, one is only limited by their creativity and imagination. The work to create them can pay dividends. The artist just must keep the exact conventions used, in mind - that is why I always use an existing Menu Set as my "guide."


                            Good luck,