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    Adobe Flash Replacement in the Web Specialist Certification Query


      Hello all,


      I work as an instructional designer and I am currently studying to attain Adobe's Web Specialist Certification. One of the required application/product for this certification is Adobe Flash. Now with the chatter and discussions online about the dmise of Adobe Flash and Adobe developing Adobe Edge as a replacement for Flash. I am left in a bit of a quandary.



      1. Is there an advantage to learning Adobe Flash if it will be replaced with Adobe Edge (HTML 5) in the future?
      2. Do you know whether Adobe is planing to replace the Adobe Flash requirement with another product in the web specialist Certification track?

      I have contacted Adobe Customer Service and they were not very helpful and seemed less informed about news on Adobe Flash. Any information you may have on the matter would very helpful.


      See sources about the news on Flash below - Granted some sources may be not trustworthy: