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    Losing Rendering

    ssccuubbaattvv Level 1


      There are four RENENDERED episodes (each seperated by space) totaling 2.5 hours on my timline.


      I need to move the timline down a bit, but when I do I lose part of the rendered episodes.


      I have highlighted the whole timeline and moved it, I have used the Select Track key (A) along with the Shift key, moving the whole timeline down a bit, but I still lose parts (not all the same parts) of each of the rendered episodes on the timeline.


      This did not happen in 1.5.

      I remember reading at the time, compared to Premiere 6, "Pro 1.5 really locks in the rendered timline".


      Is there a way to lock in the rendered timeling in CS5.5 for a "move"?

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          ssccuubbaattvv Level 1

          Also.. in Pro 1.5, if I did lose rendering by playing around with the timeline, undo would return the rendering. That's not happening in CS5.5.


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            ssccuubbaattvv Level 1

            Sorry about this.

            Am I asking the question correctly?


            I'm thinking something like the orginal question has been asked. It's quite strange being unable to move the timeline around in CS5.5 without losing the rendering when it's so simple in Pro 1.5.

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              glosstud Level 1

              Hi not wanting to be rude but I found that fairly hard reading in your explanation, however reading between the lines maybe one thing you should check is that you do not have any channels locked either video or audio.


              If you have a channel locked it will not move with the rest of the timeline even if you select all. Because it is locked.


              I hope that helps



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                ssccuubbaattvv Level 1

                Yes it helps, but it's not the case.

                All items on the timeline move in unison.


                From what you wrote, I get the impression this should not be happening. That I should be able to slide the timeline without losing the rendering and even if I do, a simple undo will restore the rendering as happens in Pro 1.5.



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                  glosstud Level 1

                  When moving are you sure you do not have the ripple, slide, slip  or any other tool selected?



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                    ssccuubbaattvv Level 1

                    Thank you for your help.


                    When moving the timeline I've tried using the "Select Track key (shortcut A) along with the Shift key". That moves the whole timeline up or down the timeline, but I still lose parts of the rendering.


                    I pretty sure you can't use two functions at the same time. Meaning, the ripple, slide or slip is not engaged.


                    None of this happens in Pro 1.5. The rendering is truly locked and even if it's gets unlocked, it can be quickly restored using undo.

                    Not the case currently in my CS5.5 project.

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                      glosstud Level 1

                      Try the control or command key with A depending if on mac or pc that should select all footage and try moving all left or right or up and down.


                      Been a long day but will check out tmoro..