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    Local content stuck at "Pending Download"


      I'm trying to download a Local Content and it's stuck at "Pending Download" while actually it's already downloaded (progress bar was full). And when I click on "update" it immediately says the application is decompressing the help file, but after that nothing happens and it's back to "Pending Download" status again


      I can't delete the data (it's greyed out), and in order to try again (to click the "update" button) after each attempt, I have to close Adobe Help and open it again


      Is there something that I can do about this?


      By the way, the file in question is "ActionScript 3.0 Developer's Guide"

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          Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

          Hi there:  sorry to hear about your difficulties with the AS3 Developer's Guide.   We were not able to replicate your issue but here are some suggestions that may help.  First, try manually deleting the HTML package via your file system. To locate this particular help package, navigate to: 

          Windows: %appdata%/chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1  

          To find this directory in Windows, copy the preceding phrase into the Windows Explorer file manager.

          Mac OS:


          Inside that directory, you should be able to click through Local Store > Help > en_US (or whatever language you have installed) > as3.   Delete the folder named 'dev' -- this should be the uncompressed HTML for the AS3 Developer's Guide.  Restart the Help application, and check the Local Content preferences to check on the status. 


          If this does not resolve the issue, than please try deleting the entire folder "chc.4875E02D9FB21EE389F73B8D1702B320485DF8CE.1" and restarting the Help applciation. Please note that deleting this entire folder will also delete any previously downloaded help files so you will need to update your local help content again.


          But try deleting just the 'dev' directory first to make sure nothing got stuck or corrupted during the decompression phase.

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            Raestloz Level 1

            Hi Mark, thanks for the suggestion. I managed to find the chc folder, but for some reason there is no folder named "dev"


            Inside the "as3" folder, I see "components", "iphone" (empty), "learn", and "mobile". I assume they are files for other topics that I downloaded, but the "dev" folder is nowehere to be seen


            The same issue happened with "Creative Suite 5" topic, but for thatone, it is resolved once I clicked "update". For this topic, though, it seems that the help application thinks that the download is finished, while in reality it is not (perhaps the file is corrupt or the connection was cut off at the last second?)


            If Ibackup the entire folder, delete them all, and copy them back again, will the application recognize them? I don't really want to download everything again, although I guess I won't mind if I really have to

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              Mark Nichoson Adobe Employee

              I would only back up the Help package folders themselves (i.e., everything inside the en_US/language directory).  You should be able to copy them back again for viewing in the Help app.  I would defnitely delete everything else though since it sounds like there might be a corrupt preference or configuration file somewhere. 

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                Raestloz Level 1

                Well, I don't know what's happening here, Mark.


                I tried to bait the application by creating an empty "dev" folder inside "as3" directory, and I start the application to click "update" again. As expected, it fails yet again, but the empty "dev" folder was deleted too! I thought that now the cache is truly clear, as the application itself deletes the folder, and started the application again to update.


                As expected, the application skips right to the decompression stage. This time, however, it succeeds. I truly don't know what's happening, but suddenly a "dev" folder was created, along with all of its contents.


                Perhaps the application stores its compressed data elsewhere? I don't know, but it's one less problem for me.


                Thanks again, Mark

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                  Thanks for the replies. All is now well.