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    What does this quicktime icon mean? Mysterious connection to audio preview in CS3


      Can anybody tell me what this quicktime icon means in relation to imported .mov footage?




      I'm using AfterEffects CS3, and working to solve an annoying mystery related to audio in RAM previews. I've got a workaround, but would love to get to the root of the matter.


      In older projects, audio previews just fine. In recent projects, I can't get audio to work during RAM previews. I can hear scrubbed audio, and audio renders fine from the queue, but can't hear it during RAM previews. I'm working on an animation project.  Audio in RAM preview is crucial, dammit! YES, audio is enabled in the preview control preferences...


      If I import an older AE project with working audio - PRESTO! Audio preview works fine again. WHY?


      I've narrowed things down - the imported project will do the trick even if it contains noting but this (see icon) certain, earlier QT.mov file - which, ironically, has no audio of it's own.


      I suspect the issue may be a Quicktime version or update version quirk. Probably solved if I updated my software to CS5, but can't afford that just now. ARGH.


      Any ideas? Thank you!