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    ADG with heatmap (extra dimension)

    olegkon Level 1



      I am trying to create ADG with additional dimension, where I need to pass 2 values to each ADG cell,

      one is a data value to display, and another is another dimension, which will be visual colorcoding.


      In the simplest case it is when you try to color code ranges of data.

      (say: if value<0 - blue, value=0 - yellow,   value>0 - red)


      My case is more complex, I need to reflect color coding of the second value Value, while displaying Value1.

      Later I also need to allow user the modify thresholds for Value2 colorcoding.


      Has anybody implemented something similar?


      Can I have ArrayCollection of Object's (and I pass it to ADG) ?



      Please advise.