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    TOC issue in remote project when parent project references remote URLs


      I have a parent project named parent.xpj with references to a remote project named remote.xpj using references in the TOC such as remote.chm::/Overview.htm. I have the remote project set to generate output to the parent folder, so I have parent.chm and remote.chm in the parent folder. The remote project does not define a TOC, per se. Instead, it references the parent TOC via

      Project Set-up > Windows > main > Advanced Properties, where the Table of Contents field points to parent.hhc.

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          Sorry, I wasn't done with the post. This issue is that when I generate the remote project, the TOC does not use the current parent.hhc. Instead, it uses an outdated version of the parent.hhc that existed in the folder previously. Fine. You'd think I could just replate the parent.hhc in the remote folder with the newly generated parent.hhc from the parent folder. That's where the trouble comes. When I do that, the TOC tab disappears completely in the remote.chm. I looked at the contents of the existing parent.hhc in the remote folder and see that it is in html format:



          <!-- Sitemap 1.0 -->

          <object type="text/site properties">

          <param name="SiteType" value="toc">

          <param name="Font" value="Verdana,10,0">

          <param name="Window Styles" value="0x800427">

          <param name="ExWindow Styles" value="0x100">



          <li><object type="text/sitemap">

          <param name="Name" value="Overview">

          <param name="Local" value="parent.chm::/Overview.htm">




          whereas the new parent.hhc is in XML format:



          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

          <toc version="1.0">

          <properties font="Verdana,10,0" windowstyles="8389671" exwindowstyles="256">


          <item name="Overview" link="Overview.htm">





          Note that both projects were upgrade from RoboHelp 7 to RoboHelp 8.


          So can anyone help me understand how I can get the remote project to use the updated TOC from the parent project?