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    font change when converting dreamweaver html to pdf


      Hello all,


      I'm experiencing font changes in my document when I convert my html to pdf.  I'm using dreamweaver cs5 to create the html and acrobat 9.2 to convert it to pdf. There's a certain font style that I need to have for this pdf to match the company's official font standard and I was able to create the pdf with the correct font with no problems in the past after minor code tweaking in dreamwaever, except that now I don't remember what I did and I've since overwritten the file.  For the old pdf that I created with the correct font, it says Arial-BoldMT in the "Fonts Used" section.  In the pdf with the wrong font, it says "Arial-Black", and I've noticed that there is also a "TimesNewRomanPSMT".  I did not change the .css style attachment and there isn't mention of TimesNewRoman in it. Below is an example of the "fonts used in this document" (acrobat) for each html:


      The font I want is on the left.  I'm pretty sure this issue has something to do with the code from dreamweaver and nothing to do with the pdf conversion process for acrobat.  Here is the code from my current html document:





      <title>Lorem ipsum dolor</title>

      <style type="text/css">




      .style1 {

                color: #FF0000


      .style2 {

                color: #000000


      .highlight {

                background-color: #FF0;


      .highlight2 {

                background-color: #CF0;


      .highlight1 {          background-color: #FF0;




      <link href="../Documents/My Files/lorem.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


      <body lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=blue style='tab-interval:36.0pt'>


      <h1><a name="TableofContents"></a>Table of Contents</h1>






      My manager is able to create the correct font pdf from my html file when converting it in acrobat on her mac.  Nothing against macs, but please don't tell me to get a mac as the solution.


      The other unusual thing is that for another document, we have an html file that was able to create the correct font.  I made no changes to the document or folder at all and now I'm not able to generate the correct font for that pdf.


      Any suggestions?????