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    Rendering Help!!


      I created an  movie in AE (all motion graphics) exported it to MOV H.264, and dropped it into Premiere to lay on the wordtrack and sound. I've rendered it to several formats for different uses, most work perfectly. When I render to FLV to place in a swf on a website I'm getting a pink bar on the bottom of the screen. It's not the width of the whole screen and it not showing up at a consistent time in the movie. It flashes on screen for a few frames then dissapears. I've updated my graphics card driver and re-rendered with every possible combination of settings I can think of and it still shows up. I've scrubbed the MOV from AE frame by frame and the bar isn't there ... HELP!!!


      FYI, original MOV from AE is 1920 x 1080 30fps

      When rendered to FLV, I'm downsizeing to 530 x 298, 30fps

      i've tried one and two encoding passes, same results

      I updated my graphics card driver (I'm on a PC right now) and no luck


      error 1.png


      error 2.png


      error 3.png