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    Editing synced footage


      I'm not sure how to ask this simply. 


      I am editing an interview where I cut back and forth from the talking head to b-roll and 2 cameras.


      I shot footage with separate audio.   Dropped the footage and sound into a sequence.  Synced audio with footage.  Now I want to create a final sequence and arrange the clips.  How do I do this?  Since each clip is 2 separate files (1 video / incamera audio and 1 audio file).  I'm not sure how to create inpoints and out points and drop them into a new sequence. 


      Does anyone have a workflow they use for this?  I just can't envision how to do it?





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          What version of Premiere Pro are you using?

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            jaredcruce Level 1

            I'm using CS5 and unfortunately it doesn't have the merge clips feature as  CS5.5 seems to have.  Any ideas as to the most effiecient workflow?



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Well, you can use a sequence as a clip, and edit that into your final sequence--this was the workaround before Merge Clips.


              After you've synced up your footage, load your sequence into the Source Monitor--you can drag it in or hold Ctrl/Cmd and double-click in the bin. From there, you can add ins and outs and edit into a target sequence just as though it were a regular clip. You don't have access to all the individual audio channels--a definite benefit of the Merge Clips feature--but from the sounds of it, you don't necessarily need them anyway.


              Or... if I'm following you correctly, you're NOT using Multi-camera editing. Is that correct? If so, you might find that to be an easier workflow--edit using the three angles plus the replacement audio, and then you edit chunks of that into a final sequence. I might be misinterpreting your original post, though...

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                Powered by Design Level 4

                You can also use Nesting.


                After you have dropped your footage and sound and have synced them up just create a new master sequence and drag that synced sequence into it and cut it like it was a regular clip.