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    Not able to open file...maybe you can help.

    thestreamsdo Level 1

      Last Saturday I was recording direct to hard drive using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and my computer shut down. I have a 41GB file saved with a .avi extension but it is not able to be opened in any program yet. From what I understand, in Adobe, once the file is saved to the timeline (which is how I had it set up) it then goes through the process of adding the appropriate data and processing the file. Since the computer shut down, that didn’t happen. When I right click on the "avi" file in Windows and select Properties>Details the only information showing is the File information. None of the other information that is normally there in video section for a video file in Window 7 is there.


      I opened the video in "GSpot" (the free app recommended by some in this forum) and clicked on the button at the bottom for “Proposed Codec Solutions and Tests.”  I’ve included a couple of screen shots of what appeared in GSpot:

      • A screen shot showing the results of file that I cannot open
      • A screen shot for a similar file: the video production that we did after I restarted the computer. I include this for comparison, since this file works fine.



      I don’t know enough about video to know what to look for or how it might be possible to correct the first file, but I thought having this information you might be able to point me in a direction or tell me definitively that it’s hopeless and we should move on to re-recording the session.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.