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    .swf files not functional in Acrobat X pro

    DJH_EOS Level 1

      I've started working in flash builder, making some menues and buttons to create enriched pdfs, however when I try to add them to the pdfs I get 1 of 2 outcome, neither is functional.  When working with swf files I have created myself, I get an empty loading bar with the error "Error#2032: Stream Error. URL: file://PDFMedia013861/g/framework4.5.1.21328.swf"



      Or I get a play button image (a default before flash activation) that takes me directly to a black or transparent window (depending on my background pref.)  I have found, the file in the error refers to a file in the same bin folder as the swf file created by my application. Also, when I try to run the swf file outside of the bin folder it does not function, it simply shows white.


      I have been through the support channels for Adobe Acrobat X pro to rule out the error being on the Acrobat side, but I am now unsure how to proceed if I can only construct non-functional or machine specific Flash Builder Applications.


      If anyone has any insite I would be happy to hear about it, as I am fairly new to the flash development community.