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    Adobe reader on Sony PRS-650


      When I bought my Sony ereader last year, I thought it would be ideal for reading my engineering journals (PDF format). Unfortunately, the ereaders are not cut out for reading journals without constant changes of screen orientation, &/or zooming to read the document and not forgetting the poor compatibility with embedded graphics/pictures . The adobe reader makes this process worse as there is no onscreen +/- zoom option as found on the desktop version , forcing the user to use the ereader system - after a few hours I gave up. Nowadays, I only use the ereader for books but only if in epub format. I avoid any book that uses the PDF format.  My main grip with the mobile version of adobe reader is that it hasn't evolved since the early PDA days.  The processing power and memory of the modest smartphone or ereader is sufficient to run the desktop version of adobe reader. Has anyone ported the desktop version to an ereader?