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    PDF will not read most times


      Hi Everyone I am looking for help with Adobe Reader  10 running Windows XP with Service pack 3. I am partially sighted and as a result I use a reader program called Zoomtext. I do receive or find PDF files on the net and many times the Zoomtext reader and or Adobe reader will not read the PDF file and I am finding that now many PDF files that I open will not allow me to enlarge the PDF file so I could read it either. Can someone please help me in setting the proper settings in the Adobe Reader 10 so that either the Adobe Reader will read to me or the Zoomtext will read the PDF Doc to me. Thank you for all your help. .

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have a link to a sample PDF that doesn't work as expected? I suspect that the PDF could be a scanned image, therefore there is no actual text to read.


          Also, how are you trying to zoom within Reader and what happens when you try?

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            pwillener Level 8

            Unfortunately your last reply is empty.

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              Xircal Level 3

              You can zoom in by holding down the CTRL key while you hit the "+" key on your keyboard. No need to install any additional applications.


              To zoom out, repeat, but press the "-" (minus sign) instead.

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                campings3 Level 1

                Reply Grafitti


                Thank you for replying.


                I tried to locate a PDF that does not read and cannot find one right now. I will keep your email and when I find one I will send it to you if that is ok with you. 


                I have three  issues. The first is PDF files that I get via email as  attachments. I have one that I get and there is no problem reading it. Then I have gotten one recently via email and I could not get it to read.


                The second issue is when I go to a website and click on something and it is a PDF file and it usually comes up and I cannot read it. Also it is set at 100%

                and I cannot make the 100% change to some other higher %.


                The third issue is that more recently I will open a PDF either from an email I get or one that I have found on the web and it will not allow me to enlarge it  amd get it to a higher  % of over 100% so perhaps I could read it in a larger form.


                Is it ok to send you examples when I get then so you can tell me what is happening?


                Thanks  Xircal  for providing the info on the CTRL + and CTRL Minus


                Xircal if this does not get into my post could you please copy and paste my amsewer to Grafitti


                Thank you.