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    Accessing form elements in javascript

    anjana 86 Level 1



      I am new to coldfusion. I hope you can help me out.


      I am using cold fusion flash forms. I have dynamically created text boxes(cfinput) in the form with name amount_#count#.where count varies from 1 to n(returned by a DB Query).


      My problem is, when I click on a button, I have to recalculate the contents inside it and update the value. As the form is a flash form I am using Cfscript tag for writing java script. I know document.getelementbyid won't work in cfsript.


      I trief FormName['amount_"+i]. It gives me the value of the text box. But when I try FormName['amount_"+i] = 'New Value'. This is comming when I submit the form, but it is not getting reflected in the UI. I know amount_1.text = 'New Value' will update it. But I cannot directly give 1 in the name.


      Any way out? Please help!