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    Configuring SharePoint Connector for LiveCycle

    lkproductions Level 1



      I am having some trouble setting up the SharePoint connect for LiveCycle. When entering the user credentials in the configuration page, I get a 401 Unauthorized error from Share Point server. However, using the same credentials, I am able to log into the Share Point site successfully.


      Both systems are sync'd to the same LDAP and I've followed the instructions quite closely from Configuring LiveCycle ES2 Connector for Microsoft SharePoint.


      My settings are similarly as follows:


      Server: sp.lkp.com:80

      User: spuser

      Password: *******

      Domain: LKP


      Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong?


      The instructions for the server say:

      SharePoint Server Host Name: The host name port number of the web application on the SharePoint server, in the format [hostname]:[port]. , should my link point to something more specific than just the server url?


      Thanks in advance.