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    Premiere CS5, DPX import and EDL export

    Donal K.



      this is my first encounted with editing DPX files in Premiere, I've only exported projects to DPX so have a few problems. I received DPX files for editing and expected to return EDL. I've imported the DPX into Premiere as a sequence and edited the project - the problem comes is when I check the exported EDL - if I import the finished EDL all the clips on the timeline are not connected to the media; when I try to reconnect them, they end up pointing to the first frame because I can only select one DPX as opposed to the whole DPX sequence option. I've tried to import DPX file separately and recreated clips and cuts in the timeline - when I export that, bizzare thing happens - the finished EDL has all the files in reverse from start to the end... Sending the whole project to AE and exporting DPX was the last option because I wanted to find a way to export it from Premiere.


      What is the correct workflow for editing DPX files in Premiere and exporting EDL?



      Thanks in advance,