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    Span column doesn't work for me?

    MangaGal Level 1

      Hey guys


      I'm not sure if there's another question/thread about this issue I have. I've tried searching but didn't give me good results.


      Basically, I've received an IND file from my client. The main heading paragraph style has span column (across all) setup already. But according to my client, for some reason, it doesn't work. I've tried fixing but I can't tell what caused it.


      The main heading is a numbered-list heading. Would this cause the span column not working?

      The setting is pretty straight forward, with span set to across all columns and space after span set to 15mm (space before is 0mm).


      If I can get some direction to how to rectify this that would be fantastic because I've got a number of reports to typeset using this template.


      Thanks guys.