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    Navigate timeline with timecode question

    Joe Dale

      Hello all...


      I'm an Avid user looking at Premiere for certain projects.  Last night as I was watching a tutorial the tutorialist selected the timeline panel (clicked inside of it) and then entered a timecode, which automatically selected the timecode display in that panel, he then hit enter and the CTI jumped to the time code.


      He said that it was not necessary to select the timecode display.  He also did this several times.  He was using CS5...I have CS5.5.


      It does not work for me.  It would be very good if it did.  I like to use the mouse as little as possible.


      Does anyone have any further information on this feature?  Does it actually work?  Was it only CS5?


      Thank you.


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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          It's working for me on 5.5 on both the keyboard and the numeric pad when I highlight the bottom LH T/C in the Program Monitor and the Timeline Panel T/C.

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            Joe Dale Level 1

            Are you saying that you highlight the timecode or just the timeline panel?  Sounds to me like you're saying the tc itself.  Because if I click on the tc itself, I can type timecode in there as well.  What I'm talking about is:


            Say you're working in the timeline panel (therefore it is selected - just the panel), and you just start typing numbers (ie, timecode that you'd like to jump to)...does that do it for you?  In this tutorial, he said that it wasn't necessary to highlight the tc istelf.  Just as long as the panel is selected.  And he did it several times.  Though it may have been through the magic of editing.  It's a Lynda.com video titled "0203 Understanding timecode"...at 2:13 of the video he does it for the first time...for anyone who might have that tutorial series.


            I actually think that I should upload the video to youtube to demo that I'm not crazy.


            I just checked youtube and I don't have to upload it, someone else has.


            Check out starting from around 2:10 ...



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              If you want direct timecode entry without clicking on the Timecode display, you have to use the numeric keypad. The standard numeral keys above the letter keys will not work to activate the Timecode field. You can click on it, and then use the numeral keys, but the +/- and 0-9 keys themselves won't activate the field for direct entry.


              Make sense?

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                Joe Dale Level 1


                Thanks so much..makes perfect sense!


                Interestingly I've noted that if I have a clip selected at the same time I start typing with the numpad, the clip gets moved to begin at that time code.