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    AE highly unstable, crashes a lot, won't start


      Hi there,


      I recently encoutert many Problems with AE CS5.5.

      I'm wokring on a Project, which uses to crash very often when I try to render. Win7 tells me my PC is out of RAM, and I should close AE; when this happens, AE freezes. I have 24GB installed, AE may only use 16GB, the rest is for other Apps/System.

      Now this could be a problem with Win7, but I also have some ther Problems.


      E.g., when I try to restart AE, I always have to close four or five Tasks with the TaskManager because they won't close down themselves when AE shuts down.


      Today I got a nother Problem, AE crashs a lot when I try to open my Project giving me the following Message:




      Fun Fact: I don't use any Dynamic Links in this Project :/


      Sometimes I have to restart three times and this Message disappears, only to reappear when I restart again. I don't get it, and it's hard to work that way... :/ any Ideas?